Artist Statement

Visual interpretations of my surroundings have been essential elements of expression throughout my life. My interest in art surfaced at a very young age, yielding another channel for communication.  Through the lens of introversion I became an observer of life.  I often watch interactions among people, appreciate the forms created by nature or study the light as it moves through the day.  These observations were first recorded through drawing, which quickly led to painting and then sculpture. However, photography has received the majority of my time and efforts. 

I enjoy working in many different processes of photography such as: silver gelatin printing, ammonium dichromate printing, cyanotypes, hand tinting, Polaroid Transfers, and digital photography.  Being a student of art most of my life has trained my eye, giving me the confidence to trust my instincts. With sensitivity to light and texture, my work appreciates the classic and respects the contemporary; both in process and subject matter.  The images I produce document moments in time, with a cross between fine art and photojournalistic perspectives.